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These are the products that we are currently offering.

TuckPuck® metalshaping tool

Introducing a new product for metalshapers. It is called the TuckPuck.This tool is used for shrinking the edge of sheetmetal. It is made of UHMW plastic which is very durable. It will be offered in two varieties. One for heavy shrink on high crown panels and one for lower crown panels. They are drilled and threaded for mounting with 1/4"-20 fasteners.(For best results mount to a solid surface or plate of steel.)

$20.00 plus shipping (and sales tax in FL)


Purchase is through PayPal but you do not need to join PayPal to purchase. There is a window for PayPal members to sign in and to the left of that is a place to enter other payment methods such as credit cards.
Click on the blue "continue" line down by the credit card logos to take you to the credit card checkout  page.


For custom orders, contact numbers are on the "Contact Us" page or scroll to the bottom of this page for my email address.

When you click on the custom order "add to cart" button, it takes you to a PayPal purchase page to purchase a "custom payment". The item price for each "custom payment" is one US dollar. You enter the number of "custom payments ($1)" in the amount box on that page. The total of product and shipping will be rounded up to the closest dollar amount. If your total is $118, just enter 118 in the quantity of "custom payments".
You do not have to be a PayPal member to purchase from this website. It will direct you to a page that accepts credit cards.

Instructional video DVD
A video DVD showing how to properly use the TuckPuck metalshaping tool. DVD+R format. If DVD-R format is required,make note of that at checkout.  
$20.00 (plus sales tax in FL)


TuckPuck Products: 
Before submitting any order see the shipping information section. 
Due to changes of International Flat Rate shipping prices (2016) all International  orders must now use the custom order process. You will need to contact me to get the shipping cost before submitting an order.
Otherwise,  without custom order, any country other than Canada and Mexico, the shipping will calculate at $35.  This is for up to 3 TuckPucks only. Mallets would be much more and most likely cost prohibitive.
TuckPuck HC  $20.00
(High Crown)

TuckPuck LC  $20.00
(Low Crown) For shrinking lower crown panels where just a little shrink is required.
TuckPuck VHC $20.00
(Very High Crown) For a lot of shrink particularly on small pieces.

TuckPuck Mallet  sold out/discontinued

TuckPuck Mallet additional heads $18.00/each   SOLD OUT/DISCONTINUED
Even though the mallet has been discontinued, there are still heads available
for use on the post dolly adapter tube. 
Additional heads for the TuckPuck Mallet or post dolly adapter tube.
You will need to tell me which radius that you require. This will be a custom order.
Here are the current choices:
1 inch radius
1.3 inch radius
2 inch radius
TuckPuck On A Stick head(TuckPuck HC contour used in the mallet for shrinking on a post dolly or used in the post dolly adapter)
TuckPuck Post Dolly Adapter Tube $20.00  SOLD OUT/DISCONTINUED
A tube made hold the TuckPuck Mallet heads for use as a post dolly.
The mallet heads are a slip fit that allow easy exchange of any of the mallet heads.
The Specialty Head fits tightly in the bottom of the tube to allow clamping in a vise.
TuckPuck Specialty Head $20.00  SOLD OUT/DISCONTINUED
The Specialty Head fits tightly in the bottom of the Post Dolly Adapter Tube to allow clamping in a vise.
TuckPuck Instructional DVD $20.00   Discontinued-there may be a new version coming
This is the same content as my YouTube four part series. The quality and size is better.


Shipping cost is added to you order at checkout. Domestic shipping and handling is $7.15 and I use USPS Priority Mail flat rate.
International shipping now (2016) varies by country and now needs to be a custom order. Shipping to Canada  is $24.95 to Mexico is $30.95. These shipping rates are for the small Priority Mail Flat Rate box only. This box will hold three standard size TuckPucks . Shipping cost of mallets and larger orders (more than three TuckPucks) will require a larger box and will  need to be adjusted depending on size,weight, and postal zone. This will require you to contact me for that information before submitting your order.
* Any order of more than three TuckPucks  will be a custom order as well as any mallet orders because of shipping calculations and choice of mallet heads. Use the custom order "add to cartbutton on the left side of this page (below the yellow box explaining the use of PayPal).





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